Pink Ghetto Productions, Inc.
A documentary production company

Pink Ghetto Productions, Inc. is a non-profit documentary production company founded in 2003 by our executive director, Lee Harvey. The company is dedicated to telling compelling human stories through top quality, in-depth journalism that illuminates the lives of the disenfranchised, the invisible, even the most hated people in American society. Racism, violence, AIDS, drug abuse and other public health issues have been at the foundation of all of Ms. Harvey’s work and the programs produced by PGP, Inc. will continue this commitment, with particular focus on how these issues impact children and young adults.

The company is named in recognition of youth who spoke out bravely in Ms. Harvey’s award-winning film on white racism, Culture of Hate-Who Are We? The teenagers, who referred to themselves as “white power,” shared their experiences of violence and neglect in a low-income housing project they nicknamed
“The Pink Ghetto.”

Like the Culture of Hate film, programs produced at PGP, Inc. will challenge stereotypes and other one-dimensional images so often perpetuated in media today and encourage viewers to examine their own biases and fears, without judgment or sensation.

It is Ms. Harvey’s hope that by providing non-judgmental, honest investigations into some of our most difficult and controversial issues, programs produced by PGP, Inc. will dispel fears, build empathy and deeper understandings, and ultimately inspire meaningful, informed action.

Current Project:
The War Within: Soul of a Gangster (working title)
A 90-Minute Documentary for PBS Broadcast
Presenting a Fundamental Shift in How We Think of Gangs
In December 2003, Ms. Harvey received a grant from the Stensrud Family Foundation to develop a film examining the epidemic of gang violence. The War Within is the proposal resulting from that research. Pink Ghetto Productions is currently seeking funds to produce the film for national PBS broadcast.

Pink Ghetto Productions, Inc.
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